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Everyone, without exception, can get stable income in BTCBANK.COMPANY. You just need to follow several steps and the most popular crypto currency will work for you.

  • Bitcoin is here to stay.

    The Bitcoin is one of the best currencies throughout the globe, that becomes more and more popular day by day.

  • Bitcoin and State

    For a long time, governments of many countries do not accept bitcoin as a transactional currency. But now, several countries already started looking into Bitcoin seriously. Blockchain is already being adopted by several countries into their own banking systems.

  • High profit margin

    The bitcoin exchange rates fluctuate rapidly and Bitcoin traders looking for a good deal often track bitcoin prices and buy /sell to make money.

About us

BTCBANK.COMPANY is a modern platform that can generate income based on Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Our platform is fully automated and decentralized, and operates on the basis of so-called smart contacts.

BTCBANK.COMPANY is focused on making a profit from the difference in price on bitcoin exchanges. Nowadays, this Crypto currency has a huge volatility and allows you to earn higher returns in the short term.

Oct 15, 2017 13:34mohit3110

we are unable to receive payment from 8 oct its been done from btc bank bt havent received in btc wallet i think company scammed they are also not replying any tickets

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Sep 17, 2017 22:21BTCBANK NEWS FEED

Bitcoin announcement

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    All business processes developed in detail. This allows to be prepared for any changes in the crypto currencies market.


    All processes on BTCBANK.COMPANY platform are automated, but high-level professionals manage these processes.


    All processes are fully automated (charging, replenishment and withdrawal).


    Our professional support team works for you. We will answer your question at any time of the day.


    All transactions on our platform are encrypted and not disclosed to third parties. We pay great attention to safety and use only the most modern methods of protection.